Five Superb Tips to Boost Your Mood

A few years ago UN recognised happiness as a “fundamental human goal” and called for “a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all people”.  We are social species and we thrive when we’re closely connected to others. But modern society is leaving more and more people feeling disconnected, isolated or lonely. On the day, thousands of people all around the world reached out to make new positive connections with others.

We provide you 4 tips to bolster your mood:

  1. 1. Find a personal reset button

What is that special thing that gives you solace during your bad phase? Whenever we feel down we should definitely involve into something that resets your mind. It might be that hitting the gym works for you. Or for some people it’s something creative, poetry or painting. For others it’s a sociability and people connection. For others it’s solitude, maybe meditating or a long bath. Knowing yourself well and what positive action works best for you is the key to happiness.

  1. 2. Music for the soul
  2. Compile a “Get My Happy On” playlist when you are in a good mood. What makes you feel connected, joyful and up? Which tunes remind you of good, good times? A quick walk round the block listening to your favourite track will always lift your mood.
  1. 3. Look for your Happy Place
  2. Never really thought I’d say this but beach is one of mine. Whatever the day has thrown at me, I only have to walk in there, just enjoy the sea breeze and my mood is moved in an instant. Your Happy Place might be a movie theatre or the bush or the bike store. Taking a break to wander round the shiny things in the fishing shop might be just what you need to break out of the blues. Change the context – change the mood.
  1. 4. Make a connection with a baby or a pet
  2. A non-verbal creature will change your mood instantaneously. Moods are made from thoughts, which are articulated with words. Connect with someone who can’t use words and communicates just with their energy and see how things change. Pat a pet, or cuddle with a newborn and experience the mysterious power that can elevate mood on the spot.

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