Did You Know Cakes and Cookies Can Help Your Love Life?

You read that right! Your love for chocolates, cakes, cookies, etc can help you land a good date. According to a recent research, this may be truer than you think. And the good news is this applies to all types of sweets, not just cakes or cookies. Studies show that sweets are actually associated with a sweet personality. So, we list down 3 ways to improve your dating life…

1) List Your Favourite Sweet on Your Dating Profile
Participants saw a photograph and a description of a favourite food, something like “I like tiramisu.” When the photograph was paired with a sweet rather than sour, salty, spicy, or bitter food, people thought the person in the photograph was kinder.

2) Eat a Chocolate Before Your Next Date
It helps you see yourself as a kinder person and act in more generous ways. Participants who ate a chocolate, rather than a sour candy or cracker, rated themselves as kinder and volunteered more of their time to help in another research study – an objective measure of kindness.

3) Order Dessert
If chocolate can help you before the date, why not get a refresher during the date? In fact, think about sharing dessert with your date – it might make you both feel kinder and more generous too.

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