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Keeping in Touch With People Is Now Simpler recently rolled out a new feature, where premium accepts, premium emails and received and sent chats have been combined and put in a single folder called “Recent chats” in the chat toolbar.

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7 Foods to Avoid on the Menu at a Wedding

If you are a guest at a wedding and not too close to the bride or groom, then the most important thing for you there, is the food. Nothing is more disappointing than bad or boring food at a wedding. So here is a list of dishes that one must absolutely avoid serving at a …

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12 Things You Only Hear at Indian Weddings

‪For those of you who’ve attended many Indian weddings will know that the 12 things you’re about to read below are the most common things you hear at Indian weddings. It’s not just the food & drinks, band baaja dance or the line ‘Shaadi mubarak ho‘ that’s common about Indian weddings but also these one …

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4 Ways To a Green Wedding

The happiest day of your life could also cost the earth – literally. So, it makes more sense to opt for a green wedding, doesn’t it? If you wish to go for an eco-friendly wedding, here’s how they are…

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Here’s Why People Love Attending Weddings…

‪Who doesn’t like attending weddings? We agree, attending too many can be expensive. After all, it’s not just about spending on gifts but more about spending on yourself, your outfits, etc. Also, ever wondered how everyone on your guest list turns up for the wedding without fail?? We’ll tell you why #WeddingsAreFun… #1 Free Booze …

Daily 10 Is Now Daily Recommendations

Daily 10 Is Now Daily Recommendations

Daily 10 has been changed to Daily Recommendations on From now on as a member, you will receive anywhere between 25 – 30 matches to make your partner search easier.