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The iOS App Gets a Brand New Look

If you are an iPhone user, you can try downloading our application. The new updated application has a brand new look and feel to it. It’s much more faster and convenient.

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You Can Now Edit Your Profile On Your Phone members now have the option of editing their profile from their phone, which wasn’t possible earlier. Members had to log onto their profile online to make changes, but now you can make changes even when you’re on the … Read More…

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You Can Now Filter ‘Preffered’ & ‘Broader’ Matches

Members can now filter their ‘Preferred’ and ‘Broader’ Matches from their phone, based on whether or not the profiles have been viewed before. This can be done using the filter available on the Matches listing.

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You Can Now Decline an Interest With a Reason

If you tried expressing interest in a member’s profile on, which was declined by the member and you were clueless why? You can now find out why. now lets you decline an Interest along with a reason.

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Tagged , , buys stake in Chennai Super Kings, the World’s Largest Matrimonial Service has added a new feather in its illustrious cap. It has bought a 25% stake in the 2 time IPL Champions, Chennai Super Kings. This decision comes amidst the recent controversy… Read More

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Know Who Shortlisted You in Your Inbox now sends a weekly mailer to all its members. The mailer keeps you updated about who has shortlisted you on This will make your Partner Search easier, as ‘shortlisting’ also means ‘Interested’.

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