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5 Unique Wedding Themes

When we think about Indian weddings, the first thing that comes to our minds is the predictable traditional motifs and décor. But of late, families and couples are venturing out into the off-beaten track and are incorporating fun & pretty concepts in their wedding. Here are some themes which we think is pretty easy to execute and …

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6 Ways to Be the Greatest Wedding Guest

Weddings are all about the shenanigans but not at the cost of the bride and groom’s peace of mind! Enjoy the fabulous outfits and parties but also act responsibly and be a support to the families. We’ll tell you 5 ways how you can be the perfect wedding guest!

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5 Tips to get out of Friend Zone

Friend Zone – Popularly known as “You are just a good friend”, is a syndrome which occurs when one fails to develop a relationship with the person he/she is attracted to. The term was coined in a Friends (popular TV show) episode on November 3rd, 1994. One of the show’s protagonist Ross was pining over …


5 Budget Honeymoon Destinations in India

If you’re a newly-wed couple or have your D-day coming up soon and you’re planning for your honeymoon on a budget, we list down 5 hot destinations for you to choose from.

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4 Types Of Matchmaking Profile Nobody Takes Seriously

  For those of you, who’re already registered on a matchmaking site may have an idea about the kind of profiles that are disliked by most people. But if you’re new to this, here’s some help on what kind of profiles you should never have on a matchmaking site if you want people to take …

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Do’s and Don’ts For a Safer Online Experience

We all love the Internet and the opportunities that it brings with it. Today being the Safer Internet Day, we have listed down some e-safety tips for all the internet users. Join us in supporting the “Safe Internet Day” movement…