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Household Chores Make Men Happier, Claims Study

Researchers at Cambridge University may have just discovered the secret to happiness, at least for men and that is: ‘Doing More Household Chores’. Men from seven European countries were found to have an improved sense of well-being, work-life balance and … Read More…

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Men Know a Woman is Attractive by Hearing Her Voice

Believe it or not, men can apparently judge how attractive a woman is just by hearing her voice, according to a recent study. The study out of the University in Vienna in Austria had men listen to women’s voices, then … Read More…

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Selfies With Your Partner Are a Sign of a Strong Bond

It has become a common sight on Facebook and Instagram – the ‘relfie’, a selfie with a partner, both gazing lovingly into the camera. However, researchers have warned that the snaps are a double edged sword – while they are … Read More…

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Survey: Intelligent Men are More Likely to be Faithful

It may not always hold true, but a new study says that intelligent men are less likely to cheat on their partners. British researchers at the London School of Economics and Political Science carried out the study and found that … Read More…

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Young Indians Prefer Staying Separately With Spouse recently conducted a survey to understand the mindset of singles in India regarding marriage. As many as 8,500 responses — 4,617 women and 3,952 — were taken into consideration for the survey which was done on people aged between … Read More…

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Survey: Women Spend 10 Days Grumpy Every Year

The average woman spends 10 days every year feeling grumpy, a study has claimed. Researchers found feeling fat, worrying about money, fearing their partners were ‘not listening’ and bad weather were among the most common triggers.

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