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Survey Reveals Men and Women Notice Eyes First

A new study has found that eyes are the first thing men and women notice about each other. Smiles took second among both genders. It seems checking out someone of the opposite sex can have a negative effect.

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Man’s Finger Length Reveals How He Treats Women

Researchers at McGill University in Canada examined the hands of 155 adult men and women, measuring the length of their ring fingers and pointer fingers.

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Survey: Things Indian Women Dislike About Men recently conducted a survey to understand what Indian women dislike about men and most women said they are put off by ‘Men posting ‘selfies’ on social networking platforms.’ When women were asked about the one thing they dislike the … Read More…

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Indian Men Like it When a Woman Proposes to Them

Traditionally, it’s the guys who pop the question to take a relationship forward but an increasing number of Indian men now prefer if women make the first move, according to a survey. The survey was conducted on over 6,500 … Read More…

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Survey Says Women Want a Man to Tidy Up

What’s the one thing you’re significant-other could improve to make the biggest difference in your life? According to a recent survey, women wish guys would clean up around the house more.

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Winners of the #FastForHer Contest Are…

We’d like to thank all of you for your overwhelming response to our #FastForHer contest. After going through thousands of amazing entries our internal jury liked these 7 entries the best. Based on the quality of the entries, the internal … Read More…

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