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Opposites Don’t Attract, Reveals Survey

You may think opposites attract when it comes to finding the perfect partner – but  in fact, the opposite is true. Single men and women are drawn to potential mates who are in their league in terms of looks and … Read More…

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30% Men Would Marry Someone They Don’t Love

For most, marriage is about love but a recent US survey has found that many singles don’t necessarily marry for love. The online survey conducted on 5,000 people, found that men are more likely than women to marry someone who … Read More…

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Study: Women are Attracted to Men in Red

Forget candlelit dinners, lowers and endless compliments. The way to a woman’s heart lies in wearing a red shirt, it seems. A chap becomes instantly more desirable to the opposite sex if he wears a red shirt research shows.

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Study: Women Prefer Sense of Humor Over Looks

A recent survey of 1,000 people conducted by a magazine found that most people today prefer a good sense of humor to any other quality in their partner. “In addition to chemistry, which one of the following do you believe … Read More…

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Study: 15% Women Want a Proposal via Tech Device

If you are thinking about popping the question in 2014, perhaps you may want to consider posting the question or maybe even tweeting it. A recent survey conducted in UK found that 15% of women would prefer that a man … Read More…

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Men are Happier than Women, Reveals Study

Cyndi Lauper’s classic disco hit Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun is increasingly becoming out-dated after it was revealed that it is actually men who have more fun. According to a study, a third of women admit being ‘a bit boring’ … Read More…

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