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Study: 15% Women Want a Proposal via Tech Device

If you are thinking about popping the question in 2014, perhaps you may want to consider posting the question or maybe even tweeting it. A recent survey conducted in UK found that 15% of women would prefer that a man … Read More…

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Men are Happier than Women, Reveals Study

Cyndi Lauper’s classic disco hit Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun is increasingly becoming out-dated after it was revealed that it is actually men who have more fun. According to a study, a third of women admit being ‘a bit boring’ … Read More…

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Women Gossip Five Hours a Day, Finds Study

This will come as no surprise to the less talkative male counterparts. Woman spend five hours a day chatting and gossiping, a study has revealed. Whether at home or work women chat for about 298 minutes every day.

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Study: Men Like Women Who Resemble Their Moms

According to a new study conducted in Finland, men are more likely to marry women who resemble their mothers. Researchers compared photos of 70 married couples’ parents and significant others to come to this conclusion.

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Women Can’t Keep a Secret For More Than 47 Hours

Researchers have found that women love sharing gossip as soon as they hear it. They will typically spill the beans to at least one person in 47 hours and 15 minutes. Depending on who the gossip is about, their boyfriend, … Read More…

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Women More Likely to Cheat than Men, Claims Study

Got a bad case of wandering eye? You’re in good company – a survey of 3,000 people found that women are more likely to cheat than men. The poll, taken by a British dating firm, showed that 9 percent of … Read More…

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