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A lot of our Shaadi Live readers have quizzed us,”Is it too late to start looking for your match when you are 30?”, “Does Shaadi.com work if you are in 30s?” Safal Agarwal – a Shaadi user shares his experience of joining Shaadi.com at 29 and meeting the love of his life in his 30s. Read his wonderful journey narrated by him in a Mouthshut review:

“I got married on 25th of November 2016. I met my wife through Shaadi.com. I got married, when I was in 30s. As you know, in our Indian society, as you complete your education and get a job, everybody around you starts asking you a single question, ” When are you getting married”? Some of the readers who may have gone through this phase or currently going through this phase, can understand how traumatic is this phase and can relate with me. And I had been working for almost 8 years and not at all worried about the marriage. But as I turned 29, I realised, I am going to be 30 next year, and that feeling of being 30 made me worried about getting married. So at 29 I told my father, that I am ready to marry.

After that, some of my relatives suggested some proposals, but number of proposals were very less and I did not find anyone as per my requirements. At the time of our older generation most of the marriages used to be arranged by the relatives only. Reason being, during that time no options or choices were given to the boy or girl, hence the marriages used to be fixed in one go. So it was also easier for the relatives to arrange a marriage. But many of us today get the freedom either to choose our life partner ourselves, it means that love marriage, or in an arranged marriage we get freedom to say no, until and unless we find our soul mate. And that’s why the arranged marriages through relatives have become unpractical in today’s time. And that is why platforms like Shaadi.com are the order of the day.

With Shaadi.com, you have the following benefits:

1) You get thousands of options to choose from. So you don’t need to marry a person, whom you do not like. I have seen many couples around me, who did not like each other but got married, and still they do not love each other. They are just compromising.

2) You get a chance to Chat or talk on the phone if both the parties are like minded. So you can understand each other better before the Engagement. While in the arrange marriage through relatives, you get a chance to talk only after engagement. So if you talk and you don’t like your partner after engagement, it will be difficult and very embarrassing to break the engagement.

3) Shaadi.com is also a good platform for the people who want love marriage, but are very shy. Here, if they like any profile they feel comfortable to approach, as they know the other person is also there to find a life partner.

4) People who are working out of their hometown, can select local profiles to meet and if they both like each other, they can inform their families and families can see each others’ profile on Shaadi.com, otherwise they will inform their family they did not like the person. As I already told, in today’s time people are not ready to finalise their life partner in one go. And it is not convenient and does not feel good to make your family meet different people again and again.

If you can be in a love relationship, and can marry your Girlfriend or Boyfriend, that is the Best .

But if you are shy or love is not your cup of tea. But still you want to marry someone, who is chosen by you according to your requirement, then finish this review fast and make an account on Shaadi.com. Your Soulmate is waiting for you. Best of luck!”

Thank you for sharing your lovely experience with our users. Shaadi.com family wishes you a very happy married life!

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