Do You Know the 6 Cs of Happy Marriages?

Years of experience and research has taught us that marriage, much like life, is not that simple. It involves two people, their personalities, their desires, their emotions, and their psychology. Marriage, we learned is an institution with unlimited variables, that cannot simply be formulated into a software application. A successful marriage requires a mix of Compatibility, Chemistry, Commitment, Community, Communication and Compassion.

Our findings indicate that different people give different weightage to the above factors in their description of an ideal life partner and consequently they are looking for different things in an ideal match making solution.

So, while somebody thinks – ‘The most important thing to me is to be able to set filters so that I only meet people that I am interested in. Why should I have to deal with somebody I am clear I do not wish to marry’, others are of the opinion that – ‘I am simply exploring whether I am ready to get married. I think I am but I will only truly know when I meet the ‘right’ person. So, for me I want a service where I can meet a large number of diverse people’.

A person in Mumbai ‘wants to meet someone who has a lot in common with them’ while somebody in Chennai ‘would rather marry somebody who is exactly the opposite’. A girl in New York told us that ‘two diverse people form a greater whole’ while a gentleman in London indicated that ‘common interests are the key to compatibility’.

At we are constantly applying new learnings in this area to enable our members in taking the first step towards a successful marriage.

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