Dos and Don’ts When Meeting Your Potential Partner

Don’t know what to talk about or how to behave when you meet that special someone? Don’t worry, here are some tips that will help you prepare yourself for your meeting with your mate…

1. Talk About Your Likes and Hobbies
Keep your meeting casual by talking about things you like – your favourite sport, music, cuisines you like, etc. You could also find out if s/he likes to travel or read books. Ask as many questions you want to, but make sure it’s not just one-way communication. Give him/her a chance to speak too.

2. Talk About the Future
If you guys have met before, you can ask him/her things like – where do you see yourself in the next 3-4 years? Do you wish to live separately after marriage? Are you ready for a career switch, in case you have to shift to another city/country after marriage, etc.

3. Just Observe
Watch how s/he behaves when you’re there, observe how your partner deals with children around, is s/he patient, polite and considerate to you and to people over the phone? Does s/he  argue over every small thing or even asks for your opinion? Also, watch how s/he eats. Does your partner stuff his/her mouth or slurp the tea? It’s best to observe your partner for a couple of months, instead of asking him/her anything directly.

4. Be Clear
If you want your future wife to live with your parents, make sure she knows that. As a woman, you should find out what his family members mean to him? What kind of relation does he share with his family. Find out if he’s a family-oriented person.

1. It’s too Early to Judge Someone
Never judge a person on your first meeting. First meetings are usually very awkward. It’s best to talk about you, your family and friends. Please avoid topics that may annoy him/her. Remember, you’re here to know each other, so don’t ask any personal questions on your date, unless you know him/her really well.

2. Kids
Questions like – how many kids you plan to have after marriage and what have you decided to name them, how have you decided to bring them up, etc are an absolute no. Save this topic for your future dates, when both of you decide to get married.

3. Can You Cook?
This is especially for all the men, who think a woman’s job after marriage is only to take over the kitchen. We agree, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but that doesn’t mean only if she knows how to cook you’ll go ahead. But, yes if that’s an important factor for you, then you may ask her that but at an appropriate time.

4. Don’t Get into the Past
It’s not wise to ask your partner questions about his/her past or reveal your secrets. Also, if you enjoy flirting and do not mind talking about it openly, this is not the time to discuss it. You never know you might just end up liking this person and may want to stop flirting in the future. So, don’t be too fast.

– Darshan Badaik, Customer Relationship Management

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