Featured Couple: Rachna and Jatin

rachna-jatin-patroA match made in heaven…

My wife Rachna and I, would like to thank Shaadi.com for providing this wonderful online service. We used a couple of other matrimonail websites in the past and then finally registed on Shaadi.com. This is where we came across each other’s profiles, after which we exchanged our first email sometime in mid August, 2002. Rachna resided in New Hampshire, whereas I was in Portland. We exchanged many long emails and had long phone conversations and then finally decided to meet up in Boston three weeks from the day we met on Shaadi.com.

We met and found love right away. So, we went ahead and exchanged rings during our trip in the midst of our family members.

We met again a couple of weeks later. This time in Michigan for a traditional Indian engagement ceremony. From there we headed to Portland and then to Las Vegas to get married at a chapel on September 28, 2002. Our family members were present at the wedding and everything was just perfect! The wait that always seemed to last a lifetime now seems to have been worth it.

Everybody says we are a match made in heaven. The fact still remains that we are a match made on Shaadi.com. Thank you for helping us find each other!

– Contributed by Jatin Patro

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  1. Chartric says

    I srecahed a bunch of sites and this was the best.

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