From a ‘Hello’ to ‘Happily Ever After’, This Story Will Make Your Day


It all began with a simple ‘Hello’. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for you to notice someone and realize that this is your ‘meant-to-be, happily ever after’ story.

I had been registered on by my family sometime in 2015. My mum and I both had access to the portal so there were some interests that she would send and some I would send out. One such interest that I sent was to Piyush. I sent the interest sometime in September 2016, and once he accepted, neither of us communicated until March 2017. His first question to me was ‘Are you still single’? As funny as it may sound, our conversations began from there and haven’t stopped ever since. We spoke for a month on WhatsApp, telephone, Skype and every available platform, and met a month later on 28th April in Mumbai in the presence of my family. After a lot grilling and cross questioning from my dad, Piyush and I went out to a gurudwara to seek the blessings of the Almighty and start off on the right foot.

For the both of us, our previous experiences in relationships and in life taught us many things and one of them was to accept people for who they are. I once told Piyush that I am not the quintessential size zero, model figure – I am chubby; obesity runs in my family. His response: ‘How does that matter? You can shrink down to the size of a toy figurine or balloon up with age – my love for you will never fade and will only grow with time’. He has remained true to his word.

One of the first things Piyush told me was that he has a squint in one of his eyes and that this has been a point of concern for many girls. To me, I saw beyond that and told him that it doesn’t bother me and rest assured, it never will. So long as you are healthy and happy, I don’t wish to change a thing about you. I still feel that way. After discussions with our parents and a single meeting between the families, as fate would have it, we were engaged on 20th May and are now getting married on 24th August! I count my blessing every day to have met Piyush when I did. Things have only been getting better ever since!

I strongly believe that if it were not for Piyush, both of us would not have embarked on this journey towards sharing a life together. That one ‘hello’ changed my life forever and I am so glad that it did. It’s never too late to find the right person – it doesn’t have to be at the ‘right age’ or the ‘right time’ – all you need to make sure is that it’s with the ‘right person’. πŸ™‚

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