From Facetime to Lifetime, Read the Story of This Couple Who Found Love Across Borders


I and Maneesh, we were living in Canada and Australia respectively at that time. I received an invitation from him on and I accepted his request.

After introducing each other, we exchanged our Whatsapp numbers and started chatting to know each other well. We started liking each other with every passing conversation & we felt like we are perfect for each other. After confessing our love, we decided to involve our parents to take it forward.

After meeting each other, our parents decided to fix our marriage. During that time, we kept in-touch with each other through video calls, phone calls, facetime and through chats. Between those late night conversations & imaginations, our bond seemed to get stronger. The marriage date was fixed & we both flew to India for our marriage.

In India, my parents were living in Punjab and his parents were living in Chandigarh. We met each other in-person for the first time in Chandigarh with our families & we couldn’t keep our eyes off each other. We planned a pre-wedding shoot in Punjab & made some memories to cherish.

Finally, we got hitched on 25.02.18. We are enjoying this phase of life very much. was a match-maker which helped us find each other & we will always be grateful for it.

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