Funny Things People Say After a Break-Up

Breaking up is never easy. Whether you are doing the breaking up or not, aren’t there times when you have said weird or even quirky things, thanks to the awkwardness? Well, you aren’t the only one. Here are some of the weirdest things people say after a break up.

Can we be friends? This one is the most common, and is mostly an awkward statement. Are you even sure you are ready for a friendship with your ex? Bet you are just saying it not to hurt his feelings.

I still love you. Then why are you breaking up with me in the first place? When said by the person at the receiving end, it is sweet initially, but starts getting creepy if he/ she keeps telling you that everyday hoping you will change your mind.

Your sister is hotter. Ouch! That is simply mean. Any guy who says that to you after a break up is no good. So, good riddance, girl! Smile!

I’m sorry, come again? (with knife in hand) So, you’re really shocked that your guy broke up with you. The knife bit might just convince him to run for his life!

If you still do any of these, you aren’t over your ex as yet.

Where’s the tequila? This is a good one if you are relieved that it’s over. It may hurt your ex’s feelings but if you said something like this, bet you didn’t care anyway.

Don’t cry too hard. Are you kidding me? Break ups are always hard and the person you love asking you not to cry too hard only makes it worse. Sob!

I’m going shopping. Show him you have better things to do. And what’s better than some retail therapy, right? But don’t expect him to care too much.

Please check your voice mail. We don’t really get this one, do you? Unless it meant something like I already broke up with you over the phone (read: it went to voice mail). Sounds like a sore loser who’s trying to say ‘Ha! I thought of it first,’ doesn’t it?

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