Get Closer to That Special Someone

Finding your life partner online is a process of interacting and testing how compatible you are with the opposite person. Here’s a list of some dos and don’ts to keep in mind while getting to know your prospective spouse on the internet…

1. Be Honest
It’s good to be frank with your partner. Be open with your thoughts and express what you truly feel. Basic information like your age, caste, religion, etc are important information. Always mention correct details regarding the same.

2. Be a Good Listener
Pay attention to what the other person has to say. This means you care about what s/he is saying and that you want to get to know that person better.

3. Have Realistic Expectations
Just like you have certain ideas in mind about your ideal life partner, so do others. Know the things that you will not compromise on and things that don’t really matter much. This will help you take the right decision.


1.Meeting Up
Don’t be in a rush to meet the person face-to-face. Get to know the person better first. Think of meeting only once both of you know each other better and are comfortable meeting.

2.Introduction to Friends
You might be eager to introduce your prospective partner to your friends, but if your partner is not willing to socialize, give him/her some time. Only once s/he is comfortable meeting your friends, get him/her introduced.

3.Curb the Curiosity
In an attempt to get to know your prospective partner better, do not make the mistake of asking personal details. It’s too early for you to get personal.

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