Happily Married: Abhinav and Shaveta

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I was using Shaadi.com from so long.  I used to read the successful stories of many couples and i was aware that its destiny. Mine was determined in year 2014 beginning when I showed my interest to my life partner Shaveta. It was a great day in my life in month of February when she accepted my interest .

Thereafter we exchanged our contacts on March 17 , 2014 and then we urge to communicate day and night from that very day onwards . We usually used to discuss each other likes, dislikes , values and personalities . Somewhere we discussed we had enjoyed the same taste in good, thinking, mutual understanding and travel. It was very good thing that we both were belonging to same Hindu religion so has same culture and rituals.

Then finally, I came across to auspicious day in month of April 2014, when I visited her mom and brother  to initiate the relationship to future life. During that meeting with her family members,I decided to spend my rest life with her . Later on we were talking to each other and  we both exchanged very wonderful moments with each other on Skype, phone,emails, postal mail, sending gifts to each other on different occasions .

Finally after long we met in June 2016 Then we made arrangements for wedding with the help of each other families and got married in Hindu rituals on 24 th July , 2016.

I want to truly thank the entire team of Shaadi.com for lending us Both helping hand to seal our fates . For all who will be reading this story, it is all about destiny and hard efforts on this website . You never know – fate is perhaps knocking on your door and is just a click on computer.


– Contributed by Abhinav

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