Happily Married: Chandan and Neetasha

A very dear friend of mine had created my profile on Shaadi.com. Chandan read my profile and thinking he was writing to my friend who was the owner of the profile, sent a challenging request stating something on the lines of – ‘If your friend is bold enough ask her to call me.’ He had left his number there. My friend was in the US then and I was reading messages on Shaadi.com, while I read Chandan’s message and got fired up thinking how dare someone challenge me. So I picked up the phone and called him. I don’t recollect the details of our phone conversation but all I remember is him talking about Agent Provocateur and him getting loads of parking tickets while he lived in London.

We spoke for a good few hours and I called my friend who had made my profile on Shaadi.com saying, “If he is what he said to me on the phone I think this is the one!” She being my friend was protective about me and asked me, “how can you say that when you haven’t even met him and what if all that he told you about him wasn’t true? Shouldn’t you meet his friends & family to get a better idea about him?” The list is endless! At this stage I hadn’t even met him personally but of course we met very shortly and thankfully I wasn’t wrong. Chandan is the perfect man and surprisingly he is perfect for me too.

He is everything and more I could ever wish for. We clicked instantly and longed to spend more & more time together. In about a month I had moved in with Chandan and within 11 months we were engaged. Chandan being an absolute romantic, he planned an amazing surprise for me and went down on his knee and said the most beautiful words to me. We have just celebrated 3 years of being together and cant wait to do more wonderful and fun things together.

I would like to thank Shadi.com. To be honest I didn’t have much faith in the beginning but now I am sure a lot of my single friends have come your way as I am spreading the good word around. My best wishes to all the single people out there, I do hope you find the one for you. Do not give up. It’s something so wonderful and so its worth all the wait & effort.

– Contributed by Neetasha

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