Happily Married: Rasna and Deepak

A Perfect Match

I would like to thank the Shaadi.com team in helping me find my soulmate. If it wasn’t through this website I probably wouldn’t have found her. I contacted Rasna on February 24, 2001 through Shaadi.com. It was her profile that I found quite interesting, though she never displayed her picture. I contacted her, she approved my request and then a great romance followed. I soon received her pictures and wow what a stunner she is, I must say! We chatted online, exchanged emails, spoke over the phone and it was a great feeling to be in love. All thanks to the Shaadi.com team.

To make it even better our parents got involved soon after I flew down from Canada and we finally got married on Independence Day (August 15, 2002) in India. In fact, I met her in person only a few days prior the wedding, that was on August 5. This is how much we loved each other. I think this was the fastest wedding ever. Only because I had to resume work at the earliest, we had to get married as soon as possible. And with God’s grace everything went perfectly fine. She then flew back to Canada with me. People say marriages are made in heaven, which is very true. Also, some say net marriages do not survive? Which is so not true.

I would like to thank the Shaadi team once again! We are very happy together and just hope that you continue to bring happiness in others lives as well.

– Contributed by Deepak

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