6 Interesting Facts About Lohri

Lohri falls on January 13th, a day before Makar Sankranti. It is a festival celebrated with great pomp and show in most parts of North India. Lohri marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Here are some interesting facts about Lohri you may want to read…

1. Lohri is also known as winter solstice. On 13th January every year the sun leans towards the tropic of cancer (Makar). Thus this is the only festival which is celebrated across all regions of India. It’s celebrated as Lohri in northern India, Makar Sankranti in central India, Pongal in south India and Ganga Sagara in West Bengal.

2. Some claim that Lohri is named after the wife of the saint Kabir called ‘Loi’. But the real Indian Mythological fact states that Lohri was the sister of Holika who survived with Praladh. The word ‘Loi’ also means warmth.

3. Dulla Bhatti was the Robin Hood of Punjab province, who robbed the rich and helped the poor and Lohri is often known to be celebrated in the honor of his good deeds by singing the song of his brave saga.

4. The first Lohri is a big occasion for the newly married brides. The first Lohri after the wedding for a woman is considered to be very auspicious

5. On this day, the Prasad is made of til (sesame), gajak (sweet), gur (jaggery), moongphali (peanuts) & phuliya (popcorn)

6. People sing songs, folklores mainly, perform bhangra and gidda around a bonfire and enjoy the festival with almost an eccentric amount of enthusiasm

May you find your life partner during this festival of joy and prosperity. Happy Lohri!

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