Happy Onam to all!

The festive season of Onam, which falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam every year (between August and September), is a ten-day carnival for the Malayalees. Onam being a harvest festival, it is the time to thank God for the bountiful yield.

According to the stories in Hindu epic Mahabali, the legendary King of Kerala, visits the state every year during Onam to ensure the well being of the people. He is welcomed to his kingdom with reverence. This year Onam falls on 7 September.

May you find your life partner with God’s blessings on this auspicious occasion. Happy Onam to you and your family!

Quick Facts» Snake Boat Race and Kaikottikali dance are some remarkable features of Onam
» Onasadya (traditional feast of Onam), is a nine course meal consisting of 11 to 13 dishes
» Onam is all about welcoming King Mahabali by spreading good cheer

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