Wish You a Prosperous Ram Navami

Ram Navami is a festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Rama, the son of King Dasharath. On this day most people fast and participate in a puja by sprinkling water and showering handfuls of rice on the deities. The youngest female member of the family applies teeka to all the male members and a red bindi is applied on the foreheads of all the female members.

Ram Navami celebrations begin on Gudi Padwa and continue for 9 days. During this festival, the devotees of Ram visit Ayodhya, the birthplace of Ram. May you find your life partner with Lord Ram’s blessings this year.

Wish you and your Family a very Happy Ram Navami!

Quick Facts» Ram Navami falls on the navam (ninth) day of the Chaitra month in the Hindu lunar year.
» Ram Navami is also known as ‘Rama Navratra’ as it lasts for the nine days of Navratras.
» Lord Ram is the 7th incarnation of Vishnu.

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