Have You Ever Fallen in Love With Someone You Didn’t Like Before?

The best decision I have ever made was registering on Shaadi.com because I found the love of my life here.

I sent him request  because I was pressurized by my parents, although I found him really cute in his profile picture. While I started chatting with him, I did not like him much because he seemed to be really shy. Only later I found out that he was a decent, mature & a grounded person. He was very calm & very open minded.

We had a lot of conversations for 3 months after which he visited Delhi to meet me and my family. After we met for the first time, we spent some quality time together and I don’t know how I did, but I told him that I loved him.To which, he responded that he loves me too.

My family really liked him a lot, specially after he told my father ‘sab araam se ho jayega, ap fikar na karein’, I was kind of relieved at that moment.

Our parents met and had decided the dates for our engagement and wedding.

Finally, on our wedding day, there were a lot of celebrations and we all were really happy dancing and singing.

I can’t imagine that I got such a lovely and decent life partner who is everything for me. I live in Mumbai with him but he never makes me feel that I’m far from my parents. He loves me, cares for me, supports me, encourages me, and he always says to me: ‘fly like a bird because the sky wants you’.

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