Have You Ever Found Love Across The Borders? This Couple Did !


It’s commonly known that ‘marriages are made in heaven’ but in my love story …’my marriage is made on shaadi.com

It did not take more than a week to connect with my (now) wife and less than a month to get married to her. The credit goes to shaadi.com to make me a happy married man.

I am based in Melbourne and she was in Paris when we connected for the first time. It was like e-love at first sight.

Distance did not matter as it was easy to connect online. The love story began within no time and it did not take a long time for both of us to realise that we are made for each other. It was a smooth affair from getting the families connected, to traveling to India for the marriage, for me from melbourne and for her from Paris.

Today, I am a happily married man with my wife, my soulmate by my side! <3

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