He used to mock matchmaking sites but then love happened


I always used to mock on these matrimonial websites.. So Initially my father created a profile and i use to just formally give a nod about my likes and dislikes, So when we exchanged interests, it was just another profile for me which my father prompted me to check. I went through the details along with consultation of my father and then Family meeting was fixed at a Mall in Gurgaon. After meeting and conversing with each other, I realised that Reetu was somebody who would accept me as a individual and will support me in ups and downs of life. Her beautiful voice kept on striking my ears that whole evening and I knew deep inside that she was the one whom all this search was made for.I have found my Love of life, My dream Girl. I believe she is just exactly the women I always had been dreaming of ! Gradually, the families got along well and took next step of our relationship. After a courtship of 1 month we finally got Engaged on 24 Jan, 2016. I am glad to find my life partner as I expected, In fact she is far beyond my expectations. Shaadi.com you have undoubtedly played cupid for us and helped us find the perfect one ! Thanks for making this possible. I am So in Love with her. We are getting Married on 24 April πŸ™‚


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