Hear! Hear! #WantedFairBridesAndGrooms by Shaadi.com

As the world’s No. 1 Matchmaking brand, we at Shaadi.com have always stood against the social evils and stereotypes that sprout around us. Through our communication in the past we have garnered support for our stand against dowry, domestic violence and gender inequality. We have always aimed at not just highlighting the problems that grip our society but also encouraging two way conversations around it while presenting our viable solutions.

Being judged on the basis of complexion and body type is a dominant evil in society across the globe. Shaadi.com and its members, being a reflection of society come across instances of these biases too. We have now chosen to address the one issue that affects our members the most– that of being judged on the basis of Complexion & Body Type while looking for a life-partner.

In our endeavour of giving love a fair chance, we have removed the fields of ‘Complexion’ and ‘Body Type’ from our Partner Preference – the section where our users describe the kind of life partner they are looking for. The idea is to help our users look beyond these factors and enable them to make a better decision for themselves. While this helps victims of this bias, it also awakens people who showcase this behaviour and points them in the right direction for their own good. While an idealistic world is a dream of ours, we feel this is a small step in the right direction.

According to our CEO Gourav Rakshit, many customers especially women reached out to Shaadi.com saying that they feel rejected because of only being judged on these factors. “The bias against complexion and body type is something that exists within our society at large. Shaadi.com being a microcosm of society faces it too. While eliminating this mindset is a long way off, this is our little step to help people look beyond and really get to know a person before making their decision. It’s only fair to give finding love a fair chance!

#WantedFairBridesAndGrooms by Shaadi.com. If you are one, we welcome you to start your matchmaking journey with us. Begin Here: Shaadi.com


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