How to convince your mom that finding a life partner online works the best!


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Before the dotcom era matchmaking was done through relatives or middlemen who would generally carry photographs & biodatas of prospective matches. The middlemen literally knew everyone in the community thanks to their strong social network. Matchmaking has evolved over the years, today men & women set preferences before their parents when they decide to tie the knot and mostly have the ultimate say in whom they choose. At times, our parents are slow adopters to technology and when it comes to the world of internet, they have a lot of apprehensions. So here are 4 reasons to help you convince your mom, why finding a match online is the best thing you can do!

  • 1) Large pool of prospective matches

The neighbourhood matchmaker mausi or uncle have limited reach and can only find you few prospect ive matches. The story is almost the same when parents reach out to friends or relatives. The added pressure of saying yes, and the fear of offending neighbourhood mausi is a headache.
Do you know more than one lakh people look for their life partner on everyday? When you look at tens of dresses before buying one, why should you limit your choice before making the most important decision of your life.

  • 2) Parents are involved as much as you

The traditional way of matchmaking are led by parents and has limited participation from the person getting married. In online matchmaking, parents and singles are equally involved. While you shortlist profiles of prospective matches, your parents and you can set your search criteria together. Online matchmaking platforms are a perfect example of technology meets Indian traditions. It gives you the perfect opportunity to make the process more efficient and be more involved. While you’re at it, help your mother get acquainted to the app & explore various features on our website if she is not tech savvy. 🙂

  • 3) Talk before Meet

The biggest advantage of finding a partner online is that you can understand your prospective match over chat before the families decide to meet up. Such computer & app mediated communication allows for safe and convenient interaction, without much risk or commitment. Apart from the time & effort of travelling to meet the prospective family, having a discussion over Shaadi Chat saves the toll of meeting someone with whom things do not work out. It also gives you a basic level of check before putting yourself out there!

  • 4) Smart Matchmaking through detailed profiles! is India’s leading technology company which constantly takes efforts to improve how people find their perfect match. Our algorithms bring to you the right matches in Match Mail & Recommendations according to the partner preferences set by you. profiles have details like family background, education, career, hobbies, lifestyle etc. which also help you with talking points for starting a conversation with someone you like while we work to send you the best suited profiles!

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