How Vacations Can Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Mentioned below are 3 important factors that explain why taking small vacations every once in a while is important in a relationship and how it can strengthen your bond:

  1. Exciting activities increase closeness.

Relationships enable us to expand ourselves and our sense of who we are. Self-expansion can happen at any point in a relationship if we engage in self-expanding activities with our partners. A large body of research shows that engaging in exciting and novel activities with a partner increases feelings of closeness. Travel provides many opportunities for excitement and adventure, such as visiting new cities, going water-skiing, or trying out a cuisine you’ve never eaten before.


  1. Travel creates memories.

Couples can use vacations as a way of creating positive memories and meaning in their relationships. Recalling warm memories with a partner can increase feelings of intimacy, as can looking back on and laughing at a funny memory.


  1. You may learn something about your partner.

One reason that relationship satisfaction tends to decline over time is that people crave novelty. Early in a relationship, everything is new, and passion is high. But long-term relationships often lose the spark after a couple of years. The best way to keep the intimacy at an all-time high is by learning new things about each other. And a new experience and new setting can be a great opportunity to make that happen.


So, We’re Saying..

Don’t miss out all the fun part in your relationship. Take vacations and have the time of your life! 😉

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