In the end….Love is all that really matters

It was great happiness to meet the one whom u connnect with so well

We met on and exchanged numbers. She was a paid subscriber and I wasn’t. One day when I was going through the profiles I saw hers and sent her the request. She was good looking and smart more educated than me and even earning more than me. Also had a strong family background. I just sent her the request and i didn’t have any high hopes as she was better than me in all aspects and could’ve easily got a better guy. But to my surprise and happiness she accepted the request and we spoke over the phone. I was so happy and i didn’t want to miss on this lucky opportunity that i got. We both decided to meet and i was very nervous (have always been nervous around beautiful girls)… to hide my nervousness I decided to take her someplace, where we can break the ice. So i took her to a bowling alley, we played, had fun and we both were very comfortable with one another. After that we went  for a movie and then clubbing and after that we went for a drive. We spoke, we laughed and got to know that there was so much in common between us. She likes the same things as I do and we listen to the same genre of music. After that night we started meeting regularly and then decided that we wont be checking options we both hid our profiles and then finally deleted our profiles 😉

The wedding date was fixed 6th August 2017.

Moeen kanjianj

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