It’s Children’s Day!

November 14 is the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Nehru was very fond of children and because of his love for them, November 14 came to be celebrated as Children’s Day in India. Fondly known as ‘Chachaji‘, Nehru spoke about children being the future pillars of the nation. He believed that children should be provided with a safe and loving environment and they deserve to be given equal opportunities, so they can contribute to the growth of the nation. Since this day is dedicated entirely to children, cultural shows are held in schools and teachers usually do something special for their students. Children are also given sweets, gifts or taken out on this day. The celebrations continue as programmes that are loved by kids and are aired across most TV channels. May the children of our country take India to great heights. Here’s wishing all you kids a Happy Children’s Day! Quick Facts» Children’s Day is universally celebrated on 14th November. » Nehru often compared children and roses, since he was fond of both of them. » Children’s Day in Hindi is known as ‘Bal Diwas’. Know more about other festivals, events and important days:

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