It’s National Girl Child Day

The Indian Government declared January 24th as National Girl Child Day in the year 2009. Starting from this day a series of events celebrates the Girl Child and these events continue right up to March 8 which is International Women’s Day.

The purpose of this day is to focus attention on the depleting female to male ratio and take a stand on issues of female foeticide, domestic violence and malnutrition in children. Campaigns around these 3 major concerns are highlighted and the government tries to raise awareness as well as propagate gender equality among people.

Advertisements are run in local newspapers, TV channels and radio stations. The message of  ‘Save the Girl Child’ is spread far and wide as the government along with NGO’s come together to fight this social stigma against the Girl Child.

Join hands in the fight to Save the Girl Child!

Quick Facts» UNICEF and CRY celebrate September 24 as the Day of the Girl Child.
» The UPA government selected the day Indira Gandhi took over as prime minister as the Day of the Girl Child.
» Recent government statistics reveal India’s sex ratio stands at 932 women to 1,000 men.

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  1. Rachel says

    Nice post. Simple and to the point. It’s important that we all give this day importance!

  2. Rajiv says

    Here’s wishing you a Happy Girl Child Day to all you women!

  3. Ashish says

    I pray that every woman blossom’s and that her life is filled with joy and pride. Happy Girl Child Day!

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