5 Ways To Find Out If You Live In The ‘Shayad World’

Most of us know those people or are those people who love daydreaming and can never get enough. If more often than not, your friends have asked a question, but you were too busy daydreaming about something or someone to even notice then this article is meant for you. Use this article as a totem to shake yourself away from the real versus the shayad world. Here’s how to know if you’re a victim of the shayad phenomena.

  1. Ask your friends – If your friends tease you about always being lost in your own thoughts, then this is your wakeup call! Ask your closest group of friends and they won’t lie. Ask them anecdotes so you know when you’ve slipped off and missed the conversations. Tell them to nudge you the next time you go into your make-believe world in front of them.
  2. Do you spend way too much time on social media? – Believe it or not but if you spend way too much time going through people’s profiles online than actually talking to them, then it is likely that you live in the ‘shayad world’. People put the best version of themselves online and living vicariously through their Instagram and Facebook pictures may say a lot about your condition. The best way to treat this is by making plans and meeting them to get a grip on reality.
  3. Do you romanticise the most ordinary situations? – Did you bump into a crush and never stopped thinking about it? Did you get a haircut and thought that the man of your dreams will get stunned by this new makeover? Well, you my friend have been bitten by the shayad bug! Be confident in whatever you do and stop over-analysing every little thought and action.
  4. Are you are always looking for consent? – People who live in the shayad world love to think that their actions depend on approval of others. If you’re constantly looking for someone to tell you how to do things and waiting for people to comment on how and why you say certain things, then you’re surely a victim of the shayad world. Since the shayad world makes you unsure of reality, you need constant consent. Wake up to accept your own actions and their consequences.
  5. Do you get easily affected by art? – Now you may retort by saying that you’re just more emotional than the rest, but people who are easily swayed by stories, moving narratives, films, poetry and fiction in general may be living in the shayad world. Since they find comfort in a fictious world, they respond to that more naturally. While it is good to have a high emotional quotient (EQ), once in a while you may want to step back and look at things objectively as well.

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