5 Reasons Why Looking for a Partner on Shaadi.com is the Best Decision You Could Make

If we take a look back at the era bygone; there is a vast difference in how marriages took place then and how marriages take place now. Earlier there used to be our parents’ contacts, relatives, matchmakers and that one ‘auntyji’ of our society who took up the responsibility of getting everyone married. Auntyji usually found a partner by circulating everyone’s bio-datas and photos within her circle but obviously there were more than a few limitations. Firstly, as much as aunty liked, she didn’t really know everyone. In the end, one had to ‘settle’ with someone who aunty recommended because of lack of options.
Today, the power of internet has taken over our lives. The preferences of young men and women have changed, ‘settling’ is not something today’s generation does easily…Therefore, like all other areas in their lives, online products such as Shaadi.com is the way to go for most eligible singles. Here’s why!

  • 1) A large pool of prospective matches :

A major problem of trying to find a partner in the era before Shaadi.com was ‘limited options’. No matter how vast the contacts were of the matchmaker or the auntyji, all one really gets is a few prospective matches and the added pressure of saying ‘yes’ as usually the family is known. On the other hand, Shaadi.com offers you prospective matches according to your requirement, from a HUGE database.  You can sift through your matches along with your parents and pick the ones that suit you best.  The best part is that there is no pressure from parents and no headache of offending your neighbor auntyji or mausiji to say ‘yes’. .

  • 2) Parents are involved as much as you are:

Earlier, parents played a major role in the matchmaking process. They were more involved than the child and took all the major decisions. Today, parents and children drive the process together and take all decisions jointly. i At Shaadi.com, the process is designed in a way that right from the beginning, parents can be equally involved and you can set the process that works for you and your family. Your parents can shortlist and you can finalise who you want to speak to, or vice-versa. This helps you take decisions as a family and saves time.

  • 3) Privacy :

Making such an important decision with the entire family or neighbourhood watching is never easy! On Shaadi.com, after you shortlist a profile, you can chat with them on a safe platform and get to know them better before meeting them formally. You get the time that one needs, not wants, to be able to make the right decision. Also with Shaadi.com your personal details can be set to the privacy level you are comfortable with. For e.g. if you don’t want everyone to see your contact number, you can only allow people who you accept to see it.

  • 4) Talk before you meet:

The best part is you can first chat with the person you like for a few days and then decide whether to meet them or not. Meeting a stranger can be pretty awkward and doesn’t help you trying to get to know each other. Casual conversations help you decide if you guys are compatible for each other or not and then meet and involve your families. This will also help avoid unnecessary pressure from family and relatives making the process comfortable and flexible enough to set it at your pace and comfort level.

  • 5) Smart matchmaking through detailed profiles:

Shaadi.com is a platform that helps you find the right match by comparing detailed profiles of both the prospects. There are options like hobbies, places you like, etc. that can help you start a conversation with someone you may like or may want to have a conversation with. Their algorithm (it’s a detailed scientific process) brings you a variety of matches based on the partner preference set by you which you can further shortlist by assessing.


Start your partner search today with Shaadi.com!

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