Love Blossoms Where Its Destined To Be

14th February, day of love. I get a notification 50% off on paid services. I think why not?
I was never a believer in love. It was always some hyped up emotion for me. Marriage, was a decision not a feeling. 25 years and never did my heart do anything but pump blood. I never understood how girls fall in love with cheesy romance.
Also, arrange marriage was not my cup of tea. I could not imagine myself seated in front of a fully grown man capable of talking everything under the sun yet asking questions like what are my hobbies? If I knew cooking. There had to be a way out. Yes it was this matrimonial site –
I did not shy away in sending request. And then immediately the first text. However the feeling hadn’t sinked in that if things proceed further, I will be married off.
Dhaval Kochhar was the first man to ask my number. I was a little hesitant in the beginning. But I think it was meant to be We struck off real well. We kept our parents involved. From a well mannered lady, I was turning to a teenager blushing from time to time. For a long time we knew we loved each other’s company. However, love, commitments, forever were still big terms. We talked for hours on phone. Met a few times. We had our share of arguments too.
One day while scribbling in my diary, I wrote, he makes me feel like my bed. I was too sleepy to write anything more. Next morning when I read it, I realised I had already fallen for him. He is the one I want to go to when I am tired. He is the one my heart rests with.
And yes he turned a love atheist to a dreamer and a lover.
Thanks . You guys help love bloom where it is destined to be

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