Singles to Become Extinct Soon With The All New LoveBit

‘LoveBit’: The new hi-tech wearable soon to be launched by, promises to make singlehood a thing of the past., the World’s No. 1 Matchmaking Service has joined hands with Mauj Technologies to launch the World’s first wearable that guarantees to find you the right match. Wondering how? Well, LoveBit works on a patented biometric technology that monitors your pulse rate and heartbeat as well as the levels of neurochemicals and dopamine levels when attracted to somebody.

This simply means when a person wearing a LoveBit comes across any person on or meets that person face-to-face, who is a potentially perfect match, the wearable detects the rise in the user’s bodily metrics.

“This is a global first. We are deploying new age Wearable technology in the domain of human attractions. In fact, a lot of people are initially unsure of their exact feelings for someone. This technology helps you, by nudging you about someone special, literally!!” says Aditya Save, CMO of

The wearable is priced at Rs 2,999 and is all set to hit the market by mid-April. To know more about how LoveBit works click on the button below…

See how this works!

Terms & Conditions
A chance to be one of the 1,000 lucky people to grab the LoveBit as part of “’s April Fools Prank” (“Prank”)
1. This Prank is offered by People Interactive (India) Private Limited (“”)
2. This prank shall run from 30th March – 1st April, 2016 (“Prank Period”).
3. No one wins a LoveBit because there’s no such thing yet shall not be responsible if you take this joke seriously 😉
Haha! Come on! How could you fall for this?Well, LoveBit is not a reality yet but we’re still The Best at Finding You
a life partner, trust us!Close

Now that you’ve been fooled,it’s your turn to try this on your Friends.


Jennifer gomes

Its a grand new excellenct concept. Hope i am one of the lucky winner

abhi Jayant

Wish to get as my brother got his life partner through
~Thanks Team

Sougata Barik

Great idea. It will definitely help us finding our best match.

Suman Sinha "Tony"

This is good effort to find our loving better half…

Abdul Samie Sheikh


I hope you all are doing well. This LoveBit is an exciting way to use Science & Tech to find someone based upon your extincts and nudging you about someone you are attracted to. Thank you & God bless you for launching this LoveBit. I’d surely love to get one on my Peace & love..:)

Jude Clarel SEENYEN

I see this as an awesome initiative. It shows that really cares for its members and tries to assist them in every possible way with the help of new breakthrough technology to achieve their love-seeking goal. Thank you so very much and hats off!

Abhishek Tawani

Its a nice initiative taken by for betterment

Nicki Hariyani

Red! This a great idea can’t wait to try it out!!


I im really impress to this add ha….ha…..ha………


Yes i am interested as it can be best way to meet my half life….. and if itz happen….. it will be remembered by me for Whole life…. till I am there….!


it’s exciting news !!! can’t wait until i get one ..

Bhavesh Dhoka

Its amazing the way works and creat the positive enviromnent and give hope.


I am looking for a simple beautiful and understanding person lets hope for good to happen for all all the best for all my loving buddies

Yuvan Sridhar

In a world of confusing and conflicting choices, interests and societal influences, Lovebit seems to make things easier to decide on that
‘gut feeling’ and tie the knot(opinion based on the ad and technology used).


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