Made for each other: Nisha and Miki


Happily married

Firstly, I would like to thank for bringing Miki and me together. It all started in August, 2002 when Miki expressed interest in me via He was located in the US, while I was in Pune. I remember, when I first saw his picture and profile I quite liked it and accepted his interest. We soon started exchanging mails and chatting online for hours. Timing was never a barrier for us. As time passed we realised that there was a lot in common between the two of us. Though Miki was Gujarati and I was Sindhi, cast was never an issue.

Nearly three months after getting to know each other we decided to remove our profiles from, as we knew that we had found the perfect match. Though we hadn’t met, we knew that we’re in love and are made for each other. So, we decided to get married. Miki soon came down to India with his family and we saw each other for the first time at the airport. We got engaged on March 14, 2003 and got married on March 16.
It was like a dream come true, as we finally got each other after waiting for six long months.

Once again thanks a million Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

– Contributed by Nisha

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  1. Starr says

    It’s sokpoy how clever some ppl are. Thanks!

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