Survey: Malayalees Prefer Living in a Joint Family, an exclusive matrimonial service for Malayalees, part of, conducted a survey to find out if the young age couples prefer living in a joint or a nuclear family. The survey findings show that majority of Malayalees (62% singles, both male and female) prefer living in a joint family post marriage, as the responsibility and happiness is shared among the ‘extended’ family members. This shows that due to work pressure and rising expenses, couples today find it difficult to balance their work-life equation and thus want family support around them. Over 1,500 respondents participated in the survey. Earlier people considered the joint family system as a blessing of abundance. Living in a joint family simply meant a sense of tight-knit community, security, trust and unity.

Gradually, owing to urbanization and globalization, the nuclear family lifestyle began to gain predominance in the Indian society in the early 90’s. Mainly the young, metro-settled, newly weds who have the freedom from traditions and opportunities for a career in commercialized areas became advocates of the nuclear family system. Over the years, the rising price of commodities has created anxiety amongst most people, making some voices in Kerala call for a return of the quintessential Indian joint family. In a high priced society, living in a joint family where daily expenses can be shared seems to be the logical action to take post marriage. When asked how educated their prospective partners should be, 65% women opined to have a partner more educated than them where as, 67% men said they wanted an equally qualified spouse.

This highlights that majority of Malayalees prefer a partner who is financially strong to ward off the negative vibes brought in by rising prices. Joint family is preferred by most people, as the household chores can be equally divided among the family members. This would allow young couples to dedicate more time and attention towards their work, which is not really possible in case of a nuclear family. Commenting on the survey results, Gourav Rakshit, Chief Operating Officer,, said, “We, at have noticed that with the hustle and bustle of the hectic lifestyle that each individual leads, peace and comfort are important luxuries today, which everyone craves for. Most of the Malayalees feel that being in a joint family serves this purpose. The sense of unity and security that a joint family provides cannot be found anywhere else. The poll is part of the constant research that conducts in its attempt to gauge the preferences of its members.”

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