Match Found: Neil and Vartika

I remember I was just surfing through different websites when I decided to check my account. I logged in and out of all the ‘interests,’ there was a picture and a message that instantly caught my eye. That particularly handsome man is my husband-to-be now. I accepted his request and read through his profile. The description sounded familiar and it mentioned ‘Tired of dating the wrong people’ and I instantly connected with that statement.

We started ‘skyping’ first and then gradually moved on to text messages and phone calls. In a couple of weeks I knew i was in love and that I wanted to be Neil’s bride. When we figured that the liking was mutual, we decided to involve our parents. My parents weren’t very keen on this in the beginning because of their apprehension about Neil being settled in the US. They had a hard time getting over their fears and it took us almost 3 months to convince them. His family was extremely supportive and they spoke to my parents a couple of times to calm their fears down and things finally went well.

We tied the knot on 28 November, 2013 and are living a Happy Married life. As much as we’re thankful to both our families, we’re extremely grateful to, for giving us a platform to find our ‘Perfect Match’ and for making this part of my life a fairy tale. People say matches are made in heaven, I agree! Our’s was made in heaven and ‘’ executed destiny’s plan for us. A big Thank You to the Team for ‘arranging our love marriage’!

Contributed by Vartika

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