Men are Happier than Women, Reveals Study

Cyndi Lauper’s classic disco hit Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun is increasingly becoming out-dated after it was revealed that it is actually men who have more fun. According to a study, a third of women admit being ‘a bit boring’ after getting stuck in a rut in their work and social lives, while they are convinced men are having a better time. Balancing full-time employment with raising a family leaves women with less time to relax or let their hair down on nights out with friends. Many women believe men have more fun than they do, with three quarters saying it is because partners have ‘less responsibility in the home’ and over half believing it’s down to men caring less about what others think of them.

And 39 per cent say men are more joyful, simply because they have busier social lives. But it seems personality also has a role to play, with some women admitting they are just too shy to get the party started. Only one in seven women claim to take the lead as an ‘extrovert’ or ‘instigator of fun’. Furthermore, just five per cent of women say they make themselves laugh most, while a third say their husband or boyfriend is most likely to make them giggle. As a result, a mere 17 per cent believe women are more fun than their male counterparts and 35 per cent admit being boring. This is in stark contrast to men with a quarter of British males viewing themselves as fun-loving extroverts and eleven per cent even insist they make themselves laugh more than anyone else.

Consultant psychologist Anjula Mutanda said, “Couples need to stop psychologically dividing household tasks into men’s and women’s work and adopt a more 50/50 approach. Women also tend to laugh more when a man tells a joke than vice versa. This affects how a woman may behave and her confidence about being seen to be the instigator of fun and humour.” The research, by bingo website Jackpotjoy, also found that men dominate lists of people we think are most fun and who make us laugh.


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