Men Spend More on Gifts, Finds Survey

Men are often known for their silly gifting skills but a new research has found that men are actually much more willing to spend on gifts for their partner., focused on men’s present buying skills around the Christmas period and wanted to find out how much people would spend on a new partner for Christmas. The results show that men are much more likely to dig deep and spend a hefty sum of money on their new partner. When asked how much they would spend on a partner they met just before the Christmas holidays, 32 per cent of women said they wouldn’t spend a penny, compared to only 26 per cent of men.

The big difference came when it came to spending big bucks. Only 5 per cent of women said they would spend over £100 on their new partner. This is where the men stand out, as 22 per cent of them said they would happily spend more than £100 on gifts for their new partner. Men may spend more, but it seems that they also expect more in return. Fifteen per cent of men said they would end the relationship if their new partner didn’t spend enough on them.

In contrast, only 11 per cent of women felt as though the monetary value of the gift mattered and said they would end the relationship if it wasn’t high enough. Sean Wood, Communications Director at, said, “Christmas gift buying is a hard task in any relationship but in a brand new relationship, it’s even harder. You may not know exactly what their tastes are and there is always the worry about how much to spend. However, something really thoughtful will always go a long way, much further than a really expensive gift.”

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Would you end a relationship if your partner doesn't buy you expensive gifts?


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