Survey: More Women Marry For Love Over Money

Your boyfriend is intelligent and kind, but he’s also unemployed. If he popped the question tomorrow would you still say yes? According to a survey done by YourTango and ForbesWoman, 75 per cent of you will answer “no” to this question. Nowadays jobs come and go like the wind, so why all the beef with a jobless man? You could be equating his financial insecurity with a lifetime of marital drama, experts suggest.

“From money woes to resentment, joblessness can create great strain on relationships. Before women enter into a lifetime commitment, they want to feel secure in what their partner can bring to the table,” says Andrea Miller, founder and CEO, YourTango. Let’s face it, money matters. But what about love? Ironically, 91 per cent of single women surveyed say they’d marry for love over money. Really? Sounds like women might be lying to themselves, or the survey. “It is ironic that women place more weight on love than money, yet won’t marry if they or their potential suitor is unemployed,” says Meghan Casserly, Reporter, ForbesWoman.

“A job can make or break the longevity of a relationship and the results of the survey demonstrate just what an important role careers play in romance.” Is love all you need? Or do those bills need to get paid too, ladies? Careful now. Before you answer ask yourself if what you say now will match your answer if your jobless honey asks you to marry him tomorrow. The recent unemployment rate is up to 9.1 percent and the country is by no means in the clear as far as a recession goes. What will it be? The love or the money? Or better yet, how about both?

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Would you marry the man you love if his financial future looks bleak?

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