Mr. Right Does Not Exist, Finds Survey

Three in four women believe there is no such thing as the perfect man, with most seeing their partner as only 69 per cent perfect, according to a survey conducted by a popular online brand. Common faults that mean men miss the mark included watching too much sport and poor personal grooming. Bathroom habits such as leaving the toilet door open was also cited by women taking part in the survey as a frequent failing.

The poll of 2,000 women showed more than 75 per cent believed the perfect man did not exist. Other shortcomings were an inability to multi-task, criticising their partner’s driving skills and not getting along with her family. The results showed one in five women think that their partner only pretends to listen to them while leaving clothes on the bedroom floor and snoring were among other gripes.

The perfect man would be expected to make an effort with his partner’s friends, avoid using her toothbrush, stay clean-shaven and not be lazy. But above all, 35 per cent of women rate a good personality as most important with sense of humour being the top quality for a quarter of respondents. Footballer David Beckham came top in the poll of perfect celebrity man, while chef Gordon Ramsay ranked near the bottom.


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