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10 Signs He Would Be a Terrible Partner
10 Signs He Would Be a Terrible Partner
You saw his matrimonial profile for the first time and it was love at first sight? If yes, we suggest you first get to know him and then express your feelings. He must be good looking but that doesn't mean he can be a good partner. Here are 10 signs that mean he would turn out to be a terrible partner…

1. You say you're not keeping well and he doesn't even bother to call you back or send you flowers with a 'Get Well Soon' note the next day. Sadly, you need to take care of yourself because you can't rely on someone like him. Join free at

2. You love sharing every little thing with him but he never remembers what you told him the previous day, especially about your friends and family. May be, he's got some hearing problem or he's just not interested in what you say.

3. It's difficult for you to get through him and he always has excuses to give like "I lost my phone or my phone was on silent mode" or he gets back to you saying, "I'm in the middle of something or my parents are around, can't talk now," etc. Just cross him off the list as your emergency contact.

4. A boyfriend should know how to make his GF feel better when she's upset. But, this guy doesn't know how to comfort you and prefers to leave you alone. You obviously expect your partner to be there for you emotionally, but he doesn't understand that. What's the use of having him in your life, when he's not there for you in times of trouble?

5. He's an extremely boring person and never makes special plans for the two of you even when it's his day off at work. He always only expects you to come up with ideas. It might seem fine in the beginning, but later it'll only ruin your mood, trust us!

6. You're tired of telling him that you're hungry, but he doesn't bother to even ask you, "What do you want to eat? or Should we stop at a restaurant?" He instead chooses to ignore you and stops at a restaurant after an hour or so and why? Just because he's hungry.

7. At a restaurant, he decides what he wants to eat and places the order without even asking you if you want something. He probably doesn't care about how hungry you are.

8. He never finds it important to discuss important things with you or take your advice for certain things - like where he's going to move next, or whether or not to get his pet along with him inspite of knowing that you're allergic to him.

9. If you ask him to change his behavior, he changes the topic or says things like, "So? that's not my problem." Resolving issues with this person will be like chasing your tail for all eternity.

10. He is absolutely irresponsible with money matters and doesn't think twice before spending after unwanted things, but refuses to accept that. Don't even think of settling down with a man like him, or you'll land up in trouble.

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