New Feature: A Better Saved Search

Thousands of new members join everyday, many of them matching your Saved Searches. Just to make sure you don’t miss the new profiles, we’ve introduced a feature for you to receive profiles matching your Saved Searches, in your inbox. To enable the feature, all you have to do is select the option ‘Email me new matches’ while saving a new Search. You can also set the frequency of the mailer as daily, bi-weekly or weekly. As new profiles are created matching the Saved Search, we’ll send you an email as per the frequency set by you.

To start receiving mailers for your existing Saved Searches, visit your My Saved Searches page and select the frequency for each of your Saved Searches. You can also save your searches from the search results page. Look for the ‘Save Search’ button at the top of the search results and the Send me new profiles matching this search at the bottom of the search results. This way, you can make a choose whether to save the search or not.

Searches can now be saved along with all the refinement criteria that you want to apply. So, if you narrowed down your search to members with a certain range of annual income, and then saved your Search, you’ll be able to access the same results with one click and also get mailers with new profiles matching the refined criteria.

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