New Year Resolutions You Need To Take To Make Sure You Aren’t In The ‘Shayad World’ In 2018

By- Zufeen Khan

It is that time of the year where we all start hearing the ‘New year, new me’ songs! And we as individuals should strive on bettering ourselves, from whatever we are today.
Team brings to you a few tips for starters, so that you are not in the ‘Shayad se’ world in 2018!

  1. Be more expressive
    We all are a bit old school, and it might be good in some situations, but in today’s world we all need to be more expressive! Expressive yourself, your thoughts, your likes and dislikes. It helps a lot in the long run. Say you meet someone and are confident enough to speak out your mind and express yourself right. Confidence is a major attraction in someone!
    Gone are the days where you’d shy away and blush when your family talked about your marriage; express your desire and you shall triumph!
    Pro tip: Ask someone you like to accompany you to the New Year’s Party!
  2. Register yourself on the web!
    Whether it is matrimonial website, or a dating website or app; register yourself on these and increase your chances of bumping into the right one.
    Don’t be dependent on the first day of college where you cross the love of your life in the corridors, or he/she picks up your stuff when you bump each other in the streets or malls!
    Bygone are those days, ask for the web’s help and you are more or less sorted!
  3. Say no to ‘pehle aap’!
    The dreamy situations and imaginations are always very pleasing, but at the end they are too good to be true, right? If you like someone, make the move! Don’t wait for them to approach you. ‘Worth the wait’ is a good thinking, but maybe what you require right now is a little courage! You don’t want to see them going on dates with someone else, do you?
  4. Give up a few make-believe habits
    Make believe situations look good only on the big screen, or TVs and books. To start expecting things to turn out that way will only leave you heartbroken, and will give you additional help in looking idiotic!
    The idea that a hair-flip will tempt him to turn around and look at you is just a reel world charm, doesn’t work here! Or believing that if her chunni is stuck in your watch strap then you two are meant to be? Oh please! Life is not a Karan Johar movie! Give up these odd habits of acting all strange when a cute guy/girl looks at you, and please don’t play stupid by stuttering while making an eye contact. Say bye to all the odd and weird, never ever happening expectations, and move out of the ‘Shayad se’ world!


We are the masters of our own fate, and life! Why not take command of it. These silly situations are holding you back. Ditch these oddly weird things, and resolute to ditch the ‘Shayad se’ world in 2018!

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