Niharika & Harish: A beautiful Love Story!


“Match Happens on! Yes at first we both did not think we will find any prospective profiles in here. We both had sarcastic views about finding profiles as to how can we trust or find some one for an entire life on a Social site. I live in London and he lived in India, after several attempts by family members I registered here and started sorting profiles of my taste from London but to my luck no profiles. With frustration, I modified my search to India, saw some profiles but no luck, then I sorted profiles from Bangalore, which is where I grew up. I saw his profile and I liked his profile and photos sent him a request. He accepted my request and we chatted on chat for a day and found him very friendly and open minded and moved on to WhatsApp for 4 months we chatted on it. Mean while I informed my parents about his profile after 2 days of accepting and they rejected him as he was not highly graduated but we both had developed a bond. In September, he travelled to Dubai and we realised how much we love and miss each other as there was time difference and no means of contact. In October, for the first time ever we spoke on phone after accepting each others love and informed each others family who opposed again but we had to convince as we couldn’t live without each other. By December end, both families met and we decided the Engagement and Wedding date. I travelled to India and met him for the first time at the airport with warm welcome n lots of roses and his family for the first time and we both got engaged on January 25, 2015 to be Married in April 21,2015. Love n Happiness has been flowing since then. Happy to be love struck on n confessing it on whatsapp and Making it Happen on Skype and Viber.”

We wish you both a blessed married life!

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