Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s Okay to be Single!

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Dear singles, we are one happy tribe. Whether you are single or divorced or widowed the most important thing in life is that there is nothing about your relationship status that you should be ashamed of. If you feel now is not the right time for a relationship do not let any kind of peer pressure or societal norms affect you at all. It is a common perception that if you are single you are unhappy & out of choice, and if you are in a relationship you are happy. Such notions have made many people believe that they are wrong for choosing to be single

Let’s begin with a short story:

Once upon a time a prince asked a beautiful princess, “Will you be my companion?” The princess said, “NO”  and she lived happily ever after… and travelled around the world and met interesting people… and learned new stuff… and she tried new things and didn’t worry about what guys thought about her and always had her priorities straight… And went to rock concerts… no one ever told her, “Go make me a sandwich”… And she kept her apartment and all of her shoes. All her family and friends thought she was cool. And she made tons of money & the toilet seat was always down (like it’s supposed to be)… And then one fine day while travelling she met someone interesting who understood her really well… THE END!

What a charming story, isn’t it? It would have been a perfect tale even if she had not found the right guy at that point of time. Why? Well that’s because you don’t need anyone to complete you. You are always complete as a person. Your partner only complements you.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s totally okay to be single:

1. You don’t settle for less!

You aren’t single because you can’t find someone but you are waiting for the right one. Not settling for anything less than what you deserve is a top notch quality indeed. Your clarity and patience is what sets you apart from the world. Remember the classic ol’ saying,”Good things come to those who wait!”..

2. Never get stuck. Oh, the wonderful freedom!

A lot of people say that a healthy relationship will never be a roadblock to what you really want to do in life but somewhere down the line we tend to forget that in a relationship it’s never just about you but also your partner. You will always have to bend a little in most of the life decisions from holiday destination to décor of the house. As a single, you do exactly what pleases you the most and only thing that matters is your happiness!

3. Discover your passions and people around you

In a relationship the most important thing is time. You invest your time in a relationship to make it work but when you are a lonewolf you devote your entire time to follow your passions. You are more driven to know people around you and spend time with them. Let’s accept it we all have had many friends who never missed a football screening or a house party at our place till they got into a relationship? There are no surprises here, a relationship warrants extra attention and care while other people things in life take a backseat!

You don’t “find” love; love finds you when you go out into the world and begin chasing after your passions. So start chasing.

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