On a Date Never Be Caught…

We understand how excited a person is when s/he has to go on a date. But wearing the best clothes and using the best fragrance is not it! There’s more that you need to be careful about, if you want to win over your date. We list down 5 things you should never be caught doing on a date

1. Digging Your Nose
You hold on to the train handle, you dig your nose with it, you eat with it. So much for hygiene! You may be dressed to kill, smelling of a sexy perfume, but as soon as your little finger makes its way up your little nose, the real you is exposed. Trust us, it’s gross.

2. In Black Pant and Brown Shoes
Brown and black clash, period! We’re sure you own a pair of black pant or trousers, but we aren’t sure whether you own a pair of black shoes too. If you don’t, go shopping immediately. Brown shoes on black pants and vice versa look horrendous.

3. With Hair in Your Nostrils
Yes, we know hair is a sign of vanity, but not when it’s growing out of your nose. Nothing is a bigger turn off than seeing those ugly curls playing hide and seek from under your nose. So use the slimmest pair of scissors and trim your nostril hair.

4. With Ink Stains
Pens are supposed to be a status symbol, and one that leaks is sure to stain your image. Do not use the pen that you bought from the train. Use something that is classier and keeps your hands clean. After all, you can’t be possibly shaking ink stained hands.

5. Spitting
This is not only gross but also as down market as anything can get. Even chuckling chewing gum is just as bad. If you’re particular about looking prim and proper, you need to do things right.

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