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Shubho Pohela Boishakh!

Pohela Boishakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar and is celebrated in West Bengal, Bangladesh and amongst the Bengali communities in the other states of India. Bengali’s welcome the first day of the year by being part of the ‘Prabhat Pheri’ (processions) early in the morning.

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5 Interesting Things You Must Know About Assam

Known mainly for being home to the precious one-horned rhinoceros at Kaziranga, the beautiful state of Assam stands as much more than just this! We decided to throw some light upon Assam on this auspicious occassion of Bihu. Here are 5 interesting things about Assam, we think you must know…

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4 Famous Festivals of Kerala

If you love celebrating colours and festivities with great pomp and show, Kerala is a perfect option to fit in the preference of all kind of people. Festivals of Kerala are famous also because they involve various aspects of day to day life such as temple, boat, bamboo etc. We list down some popular festivals …

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5 Mythological Facts You Need to Know About Vaisakhi

Vaisakhi is an ancient harvest festival in the Punjab region that also marks the beginning of a new solar year and harvest season. Vaisakhi is a Sikh religious festival falling on the first day of the Vaisakh month in the solar Nanakshahi calendar, which corresponds to April 14.


Happily Married: Mitali and Bijon

A big thank you to the phenomenal matrimonial site, for helping me find my Soul mate. Our parents were actively searching for a perfect match and one fine day they found us for each other.

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Happy Ugadi!

Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year. This day is considered quite auspicious as new ventures take place and people pray for prosperity of their business. While it is known as Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Maharastrians call it Gudi Padwa.