Celebrating Holi!

Holi celebrates the triumph of good over evil and falls in the month of Phalgun on a full moon day. The tradition of burning ‘Holika’ is religiously followed even today. According to legend Hirankashyap (the devil) ordered his sister Holika to sit in a bed of fire with his son Prahlad for not obeying him and praying to God. Read More…

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Men are More Romantic than Women, Says Study

They may forget anniversaries and buy last minute gifts, but men are more romantic than women. A survey found that while 48 per cent have fallen in love at first sight, a mere 28 per cent of women could claim the same. Read More…

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Its #AllAboutWomen

Women are the reason for the World’s existence. Why should celebrating them be restricted to just Women’s day? How about we give you a chance to celebrate the Women in YOUR Life? To shine a much-deserved spotlight on them. Let us thank them and tell the world why we love them. The 3 entries that we like the most will WIN an iPad Mini each. After all, it’s #AllAboutWomen! Here are the #AllAboutWomen Contest Rules… Read More…

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It’s Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world every year on 8 March and is celebrated to respect the entire women fraternity, appreciate them and to express love for them. On this day, the economic, political and social achievements of women are highlighted and looked upon as inspirational stories that can help guide other women to greater heights. Read More…

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Survey: Things Indian Women Dislike About Men

Shaadi.com recently conducted a survey to understand what Indian women dislike about men and most women said they are put off by ‘Men posting ‘selfies’ on social networking platforms.’ When women were asked about the one thing they dislike the most about men, 23.1 per cent of the respondents said they dislike “men who post selfies on Facebook”. Read More…

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Shaadi.com Introduces ‘Daily 5′ on Android

Shaadi.com recently introduced the ‘Daily 5 feature on the Android application. If you do not have the time to scan through profiles everyday, this new feature will make your life easy. As a Shaadi.com member, you will be shown five new profiles every day, keeping your partner preferences in mind, to help you find a match. Daily 5 is a customized recommendation engine for members. Read More…

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