Love Online: Amanjot and Gauravpal

We made our profile a year ago on Our parents liked our profiles and that’s when Gauravpal and I connected over the phone. Gauravpal resided in Canada, so his parents and a few relatives came down to India a few weeks later to meet me and my family. Read More…

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80% Men Believe the Perfect Woman Doesn’t Exist

Women striving for perfection might as well give up now. Men actually prefer ladies with flaws. Researchers found there wasn’t a single man who rated his partner as perfect. And of the 2,000 men quizzed, four out of five said they liked it that way. Read More…

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6 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

You have crossed 25 and your family is forcing you to get married? Or may be you have a profile because you want to get married. But are you really prepared to settle down? Here are some signs that will help you find out if it’s really time for you to tie the knot… Read More…

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5 Ways To Get Someone to Like You

Waiting for that special someone who you can spend your life with? But not happy with the kind of response you have been getting on your profile? Apart from completing your profile and regularly logging in, there are a couple of other things that you need to keep in mind to get people to like you. Here are 5 ways on how to make someone fall in love with you… Read More…

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Study: 70% Women Prefer a Tall Partner

About 70 per cent of women respondents recently surveyed by an online portal, said they preferred taller men. Almost one in five women said men who are between four and six inches taller are the best match. Read More…

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Survey Reveals What Men Look For in a Partner

If you’ve always wanted to know what men look for in a potential wife, a new survey has the answers! Results showed that men want someone who is willing to look after them and who will allow them to watch sports. The study also revealed that 53 per cent of men think that between ’31-35’ is the best age to get married. Read More…

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