Study: 70% Women Prefer a Tall Partner

About 70 per cent of women respondents recently surveyed by an online portal, said they preferred taller men. Almost one in five women said men who are between four and six inches taller are the best match. Read More…

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You Can Now Filter ‘Preffered’ & ‘Broader’ Matches

Members can now filter their ‘Preferred’ and ‘Broader’ Matches from their phone, based on whether or not the profiles have been viewed before. This can be done using the filter available on the Matches listing. Read More…

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5 Habits Men Need to Change

We know, you love your partner a lot but still, there are some things about him that just drive you crazy. And we also know, you can actually come up with a long list of habits that you think your man needs to change. Read More…

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Men are More Romantic than Women, Says Study

They may forget anniversaries and buy last minute gifts, but men are more romantic than women. A survey found that while 48 per cent have fallen in love at first sight, a mere 28 per cent of women could claim the same. Read More…

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5 Tips on Dating a Younger Man

Dating a younger man can have its rewards, but there are also the challenges. If it’s your first time, we list down some tips to help you successfully maintain a relationship with a younger man. We know its not easy to manage a younger partner, but here’s what you can do to make it successful…   Read More…

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Match Found: Aditya and Swati

It was Aditya who sent me a request on and I liked his profile. I just couldn’t decline his request. We soon started chatting online and then on the phone. We finally decided to meet and fell in love. In our case, it was love arranged completely by Read More…

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