Participate in #LikeLike #SelectShaadi Contest to WIN! is back with another BIG contest, what we call “The Mother Of All Contests.” It is tough to make decisions sometimes, isn’t it? You might Like something, but you might not LikeLike it. So, Imagine how difficult it could be to select a Life Partner, someone who is exactly the person you are looking for. Read More…

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Love Online: Mukthar and Dilrukshe

I received a request from Mukhtar on matchmaking website I accepted it and we soon started chatting online. Inspite of the time difference in Singapore and Kuwait, we would continue talking all night and chat all day and soon realized that we were in love. Read More…

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Men Prefer Smarter Women, Finds Study

Tradition may dictate that men are the chief breadwinners of a relationship but a recent research has found that domestic setup is becoming increasingly outdated. Wives who were better educated than their spouses used to be at greater risk of getting divorced, but husbands today are totally fine with women who earn just as much – if not more – than them. Read More…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Find Your Partner Online

If you are all prepared to tie the knot and are looking for a suitable partner, finding love online can really make your life easy. It not only saves your time but also helps you find a partner based on your partner preferences. Read More…

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5 Qualities You Need To Impress a Woman

What do women want? This is one questions every man has asked himself but has never been able to figure out. Every woman looks for certain qualities in her would-be. Here are five qualities we list down… Read More…

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Happy Onam to all!

The festive season of Onam, which falls in the Malayalam month of Chingam every year (between August and September), is a ten-day carnival for the Malayalees. Onam being a harvest festival, it is the time to thank God for the bountiful yield. Read More…

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